Failsworth Regimental Panama Hat Bleach White

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Failsworth Regimental Panama Hat made from 100% Toquilla Straw, woven in Ecuador. Lightweight and breathable. The tightness, the finesse of the weave, and the time spent in weaving a complete hat out of the toquilla straw characterize its quality.  Curved brim, diamond top crown and pinched front.

Bleached White

Approx. 6.5cm brim and 9.5cm crown.

Due to Failsworth recently changing the banding we have 2 different coloured bands but not in every size:

Sizes 56cm and 57cm have the 2021 colour band: Navy, red and beige (Once sold we will not be able to order any more)

Sizes 58-61cm have the 2022 colour band: Navy, mustard and burgundy.

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