Hat Care

So, you have found the perfect hat, but it’s so perfect you don’t want to wear it because you want it to stay perfect forever! Other than buying a backup supply, there are a few tips on how you can care for your hat to keep it lasting longer.

One of the most important things, which is easily forgotten, is make sure you handle your hat correctly. Make sure your hands are clean, it’s not just dirt that can ruin your hat, but grease and oil from your fingertips also. If you can, pick your hat up from underneath and try to avoid grabbing your hat by the crown.

Storing a hat properly can also prolong its life. Hat boxes, hat blocks and hat stands are always good for the job. Avoid small hat hooks, this may leave a mark over time. Avoid resting your hat on flat surfaces, this can contribute to altering the shape of the brim. Keep your hat away from direct sunlight, this will fade the colour. Storage boxes are good for keeping your out of the sun and dust free, but remember to place the hat in the box carefully, if you have tissue paper use this to line the box and pad the crown of the hat or cap to help it keep its shape. If you have a folding/crushable hat never store it flat, they are only designed to be folded for a short period, such as when you are travelling.


How to clean your hat.

It is likely over time your hat will need cleaning. The cleaning technique may depend on the fabric of your hat but always take your time and be gentle, working slowly, as fabrics can often be ruined by abrasive cleaning.

Dust your hat often, with a soft-bristled brush.  We recommend a dark-coloured bristled brush for dark hats and a light coloured brush for light hats. A lint roller is also a good tool. A damp cloth or towel will also work well, but make sure the cloth isn’t too wet and avoid using ‘fluffy’ fabric and this will transfer onto the hat!

Steamers are often a great tool and investment, but if you don’t have one a kettle can work too. Steam will help revive any hat that has lost its shape, felt, cloth or straw.


What if my hat gets wet?

With our fine British weather, it’s inevitably you will get caught out in the rain. Most hats can withstand a small shower, but it is important to allow your hat to dry out properly and as quickly as possible after getting wet. Never use a hair dryer on your hat as it is likely to make it wrinkle and even shrink. Allow the hat to dry naturally in a well-ventilated area away from a direct heat source. Always try to dry a hat on a stand after gently blotting off the excess water with a towel. With fedoras you can also turn out the sweatband to allow it to dry fully. 

With proper handling and care, a quality hat will remain your favourite for years to come.