Anekke Kene Black Leather Bio Buckle Sandals

Anekke Kene Black Leather Bio Buckle Sandals

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90 drops of super original design, 110 drops of quality materials and 150 drops of comfort. We mix, bake and.... The result is these black Kene women's bio sandals!

These black bio sandals by Anekke will be your new favourite for those summer days when you need a comfortable shoe, but without sacrificing design.

They are women's sandals with cork base super comfortable and lightweight, made with leather that combines black and multicoloured printed part, inspired by the kene, tribal motifs that inspire the Anekke Menire collection. They have two buckles that allow them to adapt to all types of feet, and the final touch is the base of the sandal. There are no others like it!

They are made in Spain and have everything you love about Anekke: originality, quality and design.

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