Anekke Book Reader Handbag


Anekke Book Reader Handbag

A book is like a garden in the pocket.

This beautiful romantic style handbag is full of details and it has a romantically vintage air to it. There is a picture from the collection on the front, colourful print on the back and material to the sides. It has two beige carry handles as well as a long detachable adjustable shoulder strap.  It has a zip opening on the top and another pocket at the back. The handkerchief and the key ring from the collection round off this beautiful bag, which will spur you on to visit thousands of new places still to be discovered.

Measures Approx. 27 x 12 x 20cm


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  • Anekke 'Daydreamer, Book Reader' Large Weekend Travel Tote Bag

    Anekke 'Daydreamer, Book Reader' Large Weekend Travel Tote Bag

    Some books tell stories of extraordinary trips and this travel bag will be with you when you go on yours in first person. Its delightful vintage look will remind you of the Gladstone bags and you will love its design. The front is an ecru tone with exquisite floral embroidery in different colours, together with a printed handkerchief and a small compartment that has a zip opening. There are different printed motifs at the back on a gorgeous green blue background. The sackcloth sides are embroidered and the top has metallic trim and a zip closure. It has two handles to use it as a handbag and a strap to hang it over your shoulder or across your body. It also adapts to a suitcase! Are you ready to travel with Anekke?

    Measures approx. 47 x 19 x 31cm. Materials: Polyester, Polyurethane and Jute

  • Anekke Large Jane Daydreamer, Book Reader Tote Handbag

    Anekke Large Jane Daydreamer, Book Reader Tote Handbag

    For tote bag lovers, this model is ideal.

    With the main ecru tone background, it has lovely floral embroidery all over the front. The back combines the plain half with the other half that has a printed design on it in a pastel pearly green colour. The handles, the sides of the bag and the crossbody strap are tan coloured. A soft green handkerchief with floral motifs on it together with the Anekke Jane key ring, adds the finishing touch to this precious and practical bag. Ideal to turn a normal day into a very special one.

    Measures Approx. 33 x 14 x 24cm

  • Anekke Daydreamer Book Reader Double Compartment Crossbody Handbag

    Anekke Daydreamer Book Reader Double Compartment Crossbody Handbag

    You will be able to hide double the amount of stories in this crossbody bag: the delightful ones in one compartment and the even more remarkable ones in its other compartment. This, together with all your other belongings! The base on the front is an ecru tone with floral embroidery in different tones. It matches the material in the corners and the top of the bag made in a brown faux leather, just like its handle. On the back there is a printed design with a few motifs from the collection on a soft grey-green tone background. It is ideal to combine with any type of outfit and you will create a very feminine look with the handkerchief and the Anekke Jane key ring that is on one strap. It is perfect for you!

    Measures Approx. 25 x 7 x 18cm