Stetson Wool/Silk/Cashmere Hatteras Bakerboy Cap

Luxurious Hatteras Bakerboy From Stetson

This refined Stetson wool/silk cap is ideal for getting that wonderful natural feel. It is made of 50% virgin wool, 30% silk and 20% cashmere, a particularly luxury feel and finish

Smooth elegance.
With its 8-panel cut button top and elegant herringbone pattern, the cap can be worn to sophisticated events, yet also tastefully rounds off outfits for everyday wear.
Made in Germany, with metallic pin emblem at the back.

  • 55cm
  • 57cm
  • 59cm
  • 61cm
  • 63cm




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    Stetson Hatteras Wool Bakerboy Cap

    Stetson classic Hatteras Herringbone Bakerboy 8 piece cap, made from 100% virgin wool. The hat has a traditional hand crafted quality, with button top, stitched peak, quality lining and discreet Stetson badge at the back.  A true American icon.