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Denton in Manchester was the centre of British felt Hat making for over 200 years, producing over 24,000 hat's per week at its peak. Today Denton Hats are proudly bringing this tradition back with a collection of men's headwear including Bowler Hat's, Top Hat's, Trilby and Fedora Hat's and Caps in classic styles.

Denton Hats are a leading wholesaler of Men hats based in Denton, Manchester, England.

From the classics styles like the Bowler Hats and Top hats to the more casual Gatsby caps and Leather hats, Denton hats can offer what you are looking for in our range from our stock service, all without a minimum order requirement.

Denton has been producing hats for over 300 years and with over 30 year’s experience in our company we are sure as a retailer you will find not only value for money but also a real quality hat.

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